Kataifi | Kral Kadayif | 200gr

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  • Kataifi | Kral Kadayif |  200gr

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  • Syrup making and preparation instructions on the packaging
  • This dessert also known as Tel Kadayif is one of the most special desserts in Turkish cuisine. It is obtained as a result of turning the dough obtained by mixing flour and water into thin wires. It is mostly consumed as a dessert in the Balkans, Turkey, and the Middle East countries

  • Turkish Desserts

  •  Being cut into thin wires makes it crispy when fried. It also tastes great with peanuts or walnuts placed between its layers. 

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  • There are many types of this dessert such as Kunefe that you can in our site. You can choose the product and enjoy it by serving it, especially after dinner. We bring the product you want to your door with fast and safe shipping.

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  •  Turkish coffee is the best companion for this dessert

  • Product of Turkey
  • These popular Turkish desserts are sweet, unique, and so delicious!


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