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Sigara boregi with cheese-sujuk(cigarette borek) - Turkish Mart

Sigara boregi with cheese-sujuk(cigarette borek)


Sigara(cigarette) boregi, prepared with rolled thin pastry with inside halal sujuk, feta and ricotta cheese mixture 50/50, butter and parsley, to be served warm and fresh, it hardens and dries if it is not consumed right away, a populer hot appetizer, can either be baked in the oven after smearing the top with egg yolk or fried in olive oil/sunflower oil mixture 50/50. No good for microwave. Turkishmart prices are usually 10 to 25 cents higher than our retail store but the difference for this item is $1.

  • Made in Toronto
  • Halal meat
  • Italian and Greek cheese used if paying attention to cheese as well, Turkish cheese import still not allowed by law
  • Contains 10 rolls
  • Packaged by our store
  • Ships to GTA all season. Outside of GTA shipments are only during cold seasons.

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