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Turkish Gift basket ready made - Turkish Mart

Turkish Gift basket ready made

We deliver, great value in content, consisted of unique Turkish products and please remember we specialize in Fine food for Good price. 1lt Olive oil, 500ml balsamic grape vinegar, 830gr tomato paste, 300gr jam, 400gr ready to eat can, 190 gr mustard jar, 800gr Marmarabirlik olives in vacuum, 300gr Pinar sunflower seeds salted, 100gr cranberry chocolate dragee, 500gr spaghetti, 4 pack instant tomato soup each 22g, asparagus cream soup powder 40gr, keskul dessert powder 140gr,, icecream powder 75gr, 100gr Turkish Delight, 75ml olive oil hand cream, 96 gr borneo cream cookies, 170gr olive oil daphne soap, 33gr ulker napoliten chocolate, 175gr milk protein bath therapy soap, Gesas brand Sevilla bread sticks 500gr, Ulker 39gr 9kat wafer, 80 gr beef bouillon Knor brand, Antibacterial hand foam soap 300ml, 144 gr Saray brand vanilla cream filled wafers

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