For your Middle Eastern Restaurant, Turkish food and halal grocery needs you can use Pristine Fine Foods and its online store Turkishmart.

We are conveniently located at the Kipling exit off Gardiner only 5 minutes to downtown Toronto

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You can have halal Turkish breakfast, find many halal bakery product freshly prepared and have a sit down dinner that you miss in your home land which means Albanian food, Balkan Food, Arabic cuisine and Istanbul kebab is well within range.

Except Wednesdays we can prepare you a hearty meal.

Especially on the weekends you can join our Turkish Street Food parties for various unique kebab dishes prepared by a chef not available in any restaurants in Toronto as well all as meatball sandwiches, kokorec (kokoretsi) sandwich, paca (patsa) soup, lahmajun roll, kibbeh along with the fresh Turkish desserts from our in-house Turkish bakery 

Please remember to ask for your complimentary Turkish coffee or Turkish tea to enjoy your strolling along our aisles while nibbling on our samples spread across our store.

Hope to see you soon