Baldo Rice

  • Jun 14, 2022

Baldo Rice

Baldo is a rice type from Italy that was produced first in 1977. It is recommended for classic risotto as well as rice salads and meals that require nicely separated and consistent grains. Its grain is crystalline, similar to Roma rice in terms of quality, flavor, and exceptional capacity to hold cooking liquid.

Tips for cooking:

  • If you rinse Baldo rice before cooking, you will lose some of the starch that gives it its creamy cooked texture.
  • Baldo rice water ratio is 1:2 rice to water.
  • Cook for 15/17 minutes and is a fantastic substitute for wonderful traditional rice for risotto and excellent first dishes.


Reis baldo rice is perfect for Turkish pilafs (pilav), risottos, baked rice dishes and stuffings. Turkish baldo rice is preferred by chefs as it cooks more quickly than many risotto rice types. Click here to get the baldo rice at our Turkish grocery store Toronto because the rice for sale.

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