Best Istanbul Doner Kebab Toronto

  • Jul 05, 2022

Best Istanbul Doner Kebab Toronto

Turkey's Doner kebab is a favorite dish, and it's understandable why. On a rotating barbecue, the meat is grilled such that the outside gets crispy and the inside stays juicy and soft. It can be served over rice as part of a lavish halal meal or as a sandwich with vegetables on top.

Istanbul Doner Kebab Toronto

Anyone who has ever visited Istanbul is aware that doner kebab stands can be found on every street corner. There are many doner kebab eateries in Canada, but which ones should you go to if you want to have the top-notch doner kebab?

Turkish Food Store Toronto is the best place to get Doner, Kokorec, Adana Kebab, Turkish meatballs, Chevapi, sujuk and other delicious halal meat products.


The renowned Gurkan Ulaman, owner of the Tuana Kokorec restaurant in Danforth, prepares Kokorec. The meat is only available in the container as shreds rather than the complete roll as it does in the picture. You can also go to our Kokorec event, which is held at Pristine Fine Foods on Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. From our Halal shop, order halal Kokorec.

istanbul kebab house Toronto

Adana Kebab

The Adana kebab, which originates from the very same province in South-Eastern Turkey, is a hot kebab composed of spiced ground beef that is shaped over a large skewer and cooked over coals.

Adana Kebab

Follow the link to check out our entire halal meal section.

Check out the video of Turkish food street style

Turkish Food Store Toronto


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What is your favorite Turkish kebab? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get in touch with us:)




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