Bulgarian Cheese

  • Jun 24, 2022

Bulgarian Cheese

Bulgarian cheese is created from a blend of goat, cow, and sheep milk. There are no rules about which or the proportions. It's softer and wet than regular cheese, but still crumbly, with a fat level of 44-48 percent. It has a grainy texture and a citrus taste. Normally, It is a touch creamier than feta.

Bulgarian cheese is used in a variety of recipes, from salads to baked items, as well as dips and as an ingredient in other meals. It is also suitable for serving as a table cheese.

The best Bulgarian Cheese are:

Krinos Bulgarian feta cheese

This delicious Bulgarian-style feta cheese has a smooth, spreadable texture and is brine-aged, giving it a distinct, tangy flavor. It is gluten and sulfite free and made in Canada. Get your favorite Bulgarian cheese at our Cheese Shop.

Krinos Bulgarian Feta Cheese

Kashkaval cheese

Kashkaval Cheese is a popular yellow, semi-hard sheep's milk cheese that can be spicy or bland. It's fantastic for grating, frying, and melting, and tastes similar to Italian pecorino but can have a provolone flavor. Get your favorite halal cheese at our Gourmet grocery store.

Kashkaval cheese

Please click here to see the entire cheese collection at our Turkish Market.

Cheese Shop

Turkishmart is the best store in Canada's to buy delicious and authentic cheese. Apart from Bulgarian cheese, we also carry Turkish cheese, European Cheese and Halal Cheese.


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