• May 27, 2022


Campagna is an authentic Mediterranean food brand that we import and distribute across Canada, it comes from Salerno, Italy.

The food brand is regarded as the world's leading ambassador and provider of authentic food products. Campagna takes pride in bringing the best of the Mediterranean food tradition to the tables of millions of people, as well as the excellence and undeniable benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

They produce the best Durum wheat pasta, Tomato sauce, pesto sauces olive oil, and more. Order Campagna products from our Gourmet grocery store and receive the best Turkish delivery services.

Campagna Pasta

Pasta is made from a blend of the finest durum wheat and pure water.
Their products contain 13% protein per 100 grams, making it a healthy food in addition to having a great taste. The pasta comes in Short, long, artisanal, and special shapes. Order the best pasta online from our Turkish grocery store Toronto.

Campagna Pasta

Pasta Sauces

Pasta sauces are made strictly according to traditional recipes to ensure that they taste exactly like homemade sauces. Pasta sauces from Campagna have a rich, intense flavor and a creamy consistency. Make delicious pasta with white sauce, red sauce, or green pesto.


Best Olive Oil

100 percent Italian oil is a higher-end oil made from a careful selection of the best Italian olives, and it has a distinct flavor. Natural and aromatic, our olive oil emphasizes the flavors of any dish. Get the best olive oil at our Turkish shop and use our Turkish delivery services.

Best Olive Oil

Click here to see the some of the best recipes from the house of Campagna


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What are your favorite Campagna products? We would love to hear from you! Comment below and get in touch with us :)

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