Cevapi Toronto

  • Jun 05, 2022

Cevapi Toronto

Cevapi are grilled sausages from Southeastern Europe that are simple to make and bursting with smoky flavor. They're great with flatbread and sliced onions. Cevapi is a skinless beef kebab made with spices and minced beef. 

It began in the Balkans during the Ottoman Empire's reign. The similarity of cevapi to a Turkish kofta kebab, which is a mixed-meat sausage shaped onto skewers for easy grilling, shows the Turkish signature.


How to eat Cevapi?

  • One way to eat the Sausages is by keeping them stuffed into flatbread and garnished with sliced onions and a sweet red pepper sauce known as ajvar to make them easier to eat.
  • Could eat these sausages by themselves because they're so flavorful
  • When served with a chewy flatbread, a light smear of sauce, and a bite of raw onion, they go from tasty sausages to a fantastic meal.

Toronto Market

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