Turkish Breakfast Toronto

  • Mar 16, 2022

Craving a bit of Turkish delight? No need to scour the internet—TurkishMart has all the specialty sweets & treats you’ve been dreaming of!

Your mouth will surely be watering once you get a look at these fresh-baked Turkish pastries and desserts.

The e-shop is a division of Pristine Fine Foods, a Canadian grocery store that offers gourmet goods imported from both Italy and Turkey. The retailer’s latest expansion adds to its wide array of exotic food items, gift baskets, and kitchenware.

You can learn more at https://turkishmart.ca

TurkishMart’s updated product line features a variety of authentic Turkish baked goods, including baklava, Su Böreği, tulumba, and more. You can choose whether to order their items online or pick them up at the company’s retail location in Etobicoke. 

The store’s selection of fresh-baked breakfast items includes Acma, a popular cheese pastry that is traditionally enjoyed with a cup of tea. The crispy rings of dough can be paired with sliced vegetables or sweet toppings such as jam and honey. 

The shop also offers simit, which is a common Turkish street food that resembles the shape and texture of a bagel but crispy outside fluffy inside. You can purchase the bread in frozen packs of four and are encouraged to warm them up in a traditional oven before eating but no microwave.

For dessert, you can opt for the shop’s sweet tahini pastry—a flaky coiled bun blanketed in a layer of sesame seeds. Other options include tulumba, which consists of deep-fried oblong dough coated with sugar syrup like churros.

In addition to baked goods, TurkishMart features a wide variety of meats, cheeses, and savoury dishes. You can browse for specialty items such as labneh, a smooth, spreadable cheese that is derived from strained yogurt. 

Manti—a Turkish ravioli that is filled with meat and often served with a butter sauce infused with red peppers—is available exclusively to customers in the Greater Toronto Area. The Kayseri-style dumplings are sold frozen in quantities of 500 grams.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We’ve been importing from Turkey and Italy, and distributing over 4,000 varieties of specialty foods, in our retail store, and around Canada for over 45 years. We are conveniently located at the Kipling exit off Gardiner expressway inside an industrial complex.”

TurkishMart’s authentic baked goods will transport your taste buds to the heart of Istanbul — place your order online or in-store today!

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