Dessert Near Me Toronto

  • Jun 28, 2022

Dessert Near Me Toronto

Traditional Turkish desserts are sweet, one-of-a-kind, and absolutely delicious! From baklava to cookies to Turkish coffee, these Middle Eastern treats provide a new twist to your dinner. Turkish desserts are here in Toronto to tempt your taste buds and fulfil your sweet tooth. The Turks have a talent for creating delectable sweet meals!

Of course, we all love baklava, but there are so many other Turkish treats worth trying out outside the ever-popular baklava. You're in luck if you're planning on eating them at home. Order online from Turkishmart because your taste buds deserve these one-of-a-kind delectable delicacies.

Lokma Pastry

Lokma is a Turkish fried sweet dough with a simple syrup coating. Dessert was served. These mini pastries can be topped with chocolate sauce, honey, cinnamon, pistachio, sesame seeds, or chopped walnuts. Order Lokma from our Turkish Bakery.

Lokma Pastry

Éclair Toronto

Eclairs made from Choux pastry dough, offer them as dessert when you have company around, they are usually a success! Original filling, no messy whip cream filling, and freshly produced in Toronto. Order Eclairs from our Turkish Market.

Eclair Toronto


The most popular type of dessert is Turkish Halva, which is produced by blending sugar and tahini. The dish's flavor and texture are enhanced by the addition of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate powder. Click on the link to see our Turkish Halva collection at our Turkish supermarket.



Apart from these, you can also view Turkish sweets such as Lokum(Turkish delight) , Kunafa Toronto, and more. Click here to see the rest of our Turkish desserts collection.

The Story of Popular Turkish Sweets Baklava

Grocery Store Near Me

Our Turkish Grocery Store Toronto is your one-stop shop for Turkish food brands, Etobicoke flyers, discount coupons, and more. You can visit our physical store Pristine Fine Foods and try our complimentary Turkish Coffee

What is your favorite Turkish sweet? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)




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