Dogadan Apple Tea

  • Jul 16, 2021

If you are looking for a nice flavor to make you feel more energetic, Dogadan Apple Fruit Tea will be the best choice for you. Thanks to the other herbs and apple flavor it contains, you can color your day with it any time of the day. If you are looking for a more traditional taste, you can buy Turkish tea here.


Apple tea, one of the most loved flavors not only in Turkey but also in the whole world, now meets you with Dogadan quality. You can click on this page to order from Canada, including Turkish Market Vancouver.


Benefits of Apple Tea


Produced by Dogadan (a Coca Cola company), one of Turkey's most reliable brands, this tea will bring you health. Thanks to the special herbs it contains, you will feel refreshed. Wondering how?


Dogadan Apple Fruit Tea contains Hibiscus and Ceylon Cinnamon. These two herbs have wonderful benefits for the body. It helps in curing indigestion. It also eliminates the feeling of bloating. It improves appetite and helps with heart ailments.


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After a stressful day or when starting a peaceful day... You can drink this delicious and healthy tea whenever you need to add some flavour to your day.  Moreover, this is not the only Dogadan tea you can buy from Pristine Fine Foods, a destination store which you might find the best Turkish  Market Toronto after your  memorable to-be visit.


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This strong brand also has a black tea line with matching tastes and better price with Caykur Rize, Caykur Altinbas, Caykur Filiz, Caykur Caycicegi and caykur Tomurcuk. Dogadan black teas come in matching colors, Yellow, Black and Pink. Dogadan Earl Grey comes in loose or tea bag packaging.


What goes well with apple tea is our Hacizade Apple Marmalade Cookies. This popular brand has cookies also with pistachio, cocoa, tahini, hazelnut flavours as well as sesame and sugar cookies. 

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