Feta Cheese

  • Jun 25, 2022

Feta Cheese

Here is a quick Guide to Feta cheese, everything you need to know about the popular Greek cheese.

Did you know that Greeks are among the world's biggest cheese consumers? The average Greek consumes approximately 23 kilograms of cheese per year. Why? Feta is the answer. That is, feta cheese. Feta accounts for half of all cheese consumed. Yes, Greeks adore and are well-versed in feta.

Is Feta Healthy?

It is considerably fewer in calories than other strongly flavored cheeses. It is high in calcium, phosphorus, and protein. Click here see fresh and healthy Feta cheese collection at our Toronto Market.

Bulgarian White Brined Cheese

Types of Feta available at our Cheese Shop

How to eat Feta

Feta is so flexible that it goes well with nearly anything:

  • Feta pairs well with tomatoes, but it also goes well with all the salads.
  • Combine it with the halal meat and bake it.
  • Mash it with a fork until creamy, then spread it on sandwiches.
  • Make a sandwich with sliced Macedonian Feta, oregano, and the best olive oil you can find.
  • For a spicy appetizer, bake feta with peppers.

Where to Buy Authentic Greek Feta Cheese

Turkishmart is the best place to buy authentic Greek feta cheese along with other middle eastern grocery, Turkish sweets and more!! Visit our website for amazing deals and discount coupons!!!

Also visit Pristine Fine Foods in Etobicoke, to eat delicious Turkish street food and drink complimentary TurkishTea in traditional Turkish Tea Cups.

What is your favorite Turkish cheese? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)





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