Fistikli Kadayif

  • Jun 06, 2022

Fistikli Kadayif

Pistachio Kadayif, this dessert, also known as Tel Kadayif, is one of Turkish cuisine's most unique desserts. It's made by forming thin wires out of dough made by mixing flour and water. In the Balkans, Turkey, and the Middle East.
It becomes crispy when fried because it is cut into thin wires. It's also delicious with peanuts or walnuts sandwiched between the layers.

You can find many different types of this dessert on our Turkishmart, such as Kadayif, Kunafa, and Turkish delight. You can select the product and serve it to your guests, particularly after dinner. We deliver the product you want to your door in a timely and secure manner.


Pistachios have a rich, earthy flavor, and while they aren't as adaptable as other nuts, they can be used in a variety of dishes, including as a snack, on top of salads, in sauces, and even in bread dough. Kunafa with pistachios sprinkled on the top is the best Turkish dessert.

Kunafa Toronto

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