Halal Meal

  • Jun 30, 2022

Halal Meal

For you and your family to enjoy, our unique team of highly skilled chefs that specialize in Middle Eastern cuisines will prepare the best-tasting halal meal. Homestyle cooking processes and fresh, halal ingredients are used by our chefs.

You can choose from a wide variety of dishes, including Turkish, Persian, Balkan, Mediterranean, and many others made with fresh, halal ingredients.

Here are some of the top halal meal dishes available in our Turkish restaurant Mississauga.


Lahmacun or you can call it halal meat pizza is super thin, crispy pizza topped with a flavor-packed mixture of minced meat with peppers, tomato, fresh herbs and earthy spices. If you are looking for halal pizza near me, it is a must try! Order Lahmacun from our Halal Store.

Halal pizza near me


Kokorec prepared by the famous Gurkan Ulaman, owner of the Tuana Kokorec restaurant in Danforth. Instead of the entire roll as it appears in the picture, the meat is only available in the packaging as shreds. You can also attend our Kokorec event that happens on Sunday between 4 pm to 6 pm at Pristine Fine Foods. Order halal Kokorec from our Halal shop. 


Barbican Drink

Are you unsure if Barbican drink is halal or not? The National Fatwa Council of Malaysia has certified The Barbican as halal. Please click here to see the Halal Certificate.

Available in a range of tasty flavors, tangy lemonPomegranate and malt  in bottles.

Halal drink

Every meal is incomplete with a soft beverage, order barbican drink online and have a fantastic halal meal experience.

Barbican: Non alcoholic drink

Follow the link to check out our entire halal meal section.

Grocery Store Near Me

We know you are looking for grocery store near me, Turkishmart is the best online grocery store for halal grocery, halal meat and halal drinks. Pease don't forget to use your FOREVER 10% discount coupon 6N8TWJTFACD9 for your next purchase.

What is your favorite Turkish food? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)


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