How to Find Turkish Food Toronto

  • Jul 17, 2022

How to Find Turkish Food Toronto

The beautiful Turkish country which is rich and diverse in both traditions and culture is also a home to delicious food. Turkish cuisine includes healthy olive oil based Mediterranean cuisine, Turkish desserts like Turkish delight, baklava, Kunafa and subtle aromatic spices.

Traditional Turkish foods rely on tasty fresh ingredients, and they are cooked to perfection with care, dedication, and passion at our Pristine Fine Foods.

Here are the best Turkish foods that are a must-try

Turkish Food 

Çig Kofte is one of Turkey's most traditional dishes. It is prepared by kneading and mixing bulgur, isot, minced meat, tomato paste, onion, parsley and various Turkish spices, but not cooked. Its preparation and presentation may vary in different regions of Turkey.

It is usually served in the form of thin and long (squeezed) meatball pieces and with lettuce leaves. It is consumed with open bread in Sanlıurfa, and with lavash bread in some regions.

Cig Kofte

If you want to make the Cig Kofte yourself at home, you can order the seasoning with fast and safe shipping. If you don't want to deal with it, you can order freshly prepared 1kg cig kofte from here at our Turkish Grocery Store.

Turkish Breakfast

Ezogelin soup is one of the most legendary soups of Turkish cuisine, not only with its taste but also with its story. Its name, meaning "the soup of Ezo the bride", is based on a folk tale that has been told for generations.

 Ezo the Bride, who was born in the early 1900s, becomes legendary with her beauty. She turns into a folk hero with her marriages, poverty and longing for her homeland. The wonderful soup she made with the ingredients she had in her home began to be named after her years later. Knorr Ezogelin Soup has a legendary taste as much as this story.

Red lentil soup

Turkish Desserts

There are many types of baklava. Apart from the ones made at home, including rolling out the dough, there are dozens of different versions you can buy. The most famous baklava in Turkey is the Pistachio baklava, which is known as Gaziantep Baklava.

Check our wide variety of Turkish Baklava at our Turkishmart If you are looking for Baklava near me

.Baklava near me

Turkish Coffee Canada

Turkish Meal is incomplete with authentic Turkish coffee. It's such a unique drink from its cooking method to how it is served and enjoyed. It is known all around the world for its bold taste and high caffeine.

To savor the true taste always use freshly roasted and ground coffee because it is critical! Check out Turkish Coffee collection at our Gourmet grocery store to ensure you're always stocked up on specialty grade, freshly roasted beans.

Turkish Coffee


Turkishmart is the best destination for Turkish grocery flyers, discount coupons, and free grocery delivery Toronto and more. You can visit our physical store Pristine Fine Foods and try our complimentary Turkish Tea.

Turkish food tour in Istanbul

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