Kaymak near me Toronto Turkish Supermaket

  • Dec 20, 2022

Kaymak near me Toronto Turkish Supermaket

Turkish breakfast is almost unthinkable without kaymak. It is the classic snack for Turkish children. Don't forget to drizzzle a little honey on your kaymak spread.

Kaymak is Toronto's one of the nicest advantages. Because we can deliver it fresh. It is harder for out of GTA. Because courrier companies are not as reliable any longer.

It is a a heavier version of heavy cream. It is more solid than cream made of cow's milk.

It also makes a nice side dish for desserts. Its thick creamy consistency makes is an excellent dessert topping.

kaymak is Toronto's one of the nicest advantages. Because we can deliver it fresh. It is harder for out of GTA. Because courier companies are not as reliable any longer.


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Kaymak Toronto

Turkish kaymak is continuing to gain popularity in Toronto. It can be used as cream or to serve with desserts such as baklava and kunefe. 

Kunefe dessert is also known as kunafa or knafeh across Turkish grocery stores in Toronto.

Turkish folks probably asking themselves what is the correct term for it (Ingilizce) in English. Clotted cream would be the correct answer.

What is the difference between Serbian style vs Turkish style when it comes to preparation style? Serbian spread has some cream cheese and feels more grainy in the mouth. 

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Clotted Cream Toronto

You can make eggs in Serbian version. Your eggs will taste extra delicious this way.

Spread is also another use of this delicacy especially with honey. Please make sure you use fresh Italian or French bread. Sourdough bread is the best one it brings its taste forward.

If you are wondering how to look for kaymak vs clotted cream, both terms work fine.

Pristine Fine Foods, is where you can get it along many other halal food items. Sujuk the Turkish sausage and pastirma are some examples for this.

 Basterma and basturma are the other names for cured beef stripes. Your Turkish breakfast experience will turn into a wonderful journey with the products at our halal grocery store.

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Kaymak Turkish food will be a nice addition in your grocery basket during your halal market near me experience. It will complete your Turkish food experience with a nice touch of discovery.

Buy Kaymak

Clotted cream kaymak is not hard to make. It is a bit labour extensive and takes 24 hour as well.

Remember Pristine Fine foods when think of kaymak where to buy in Toronto especially Etobicoke and Mississauga area.

Try our sweet tahin (tahini ) pastry in our Turkish bakery. We carry farm eggs almost every day. We are the answer to your question of Turkish kaymak near me along with many other offers in our discount grocery store.

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Kaymak butter is another term for clotted cream. Think of it when you are looking for kaymak for sale.

Uludag gazoz Turkish pop is a popular halal drink you can find in our Turkish grocery store.

Its short shelf life makes it challenging to ship to far locations.

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