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When most people think of Turkish cuisine, they imagine mouthwatering juicy kebab. However, these fantasies are mostly limited to the typical doner kebab and shish kebab that the Western world is accustomed to. However, the variety of kebabs offered in Turkey is vast and significantly more delicious.

Kebab is a general term for any dish of grilled meat, fish, or vegetables on a skewer or roasted on a barbeque. In Turkey, the term kebab refers to any of these dishes cooked over or near a flame. It includes tiny and large pieces of meat, as well as ground beef.

We'll talk about the most popular Turkish kebabs, which everyone should try at least once!


Kokorec is a flavorful feast made with wrapped goat or lamb intestines around sweetbreads and roasted over a charcoal or wood fire. This spicy, delicate, and meaty kokorec is a culinary pleasure!


Inegol Kebab

Inegol Kebab Meatballs is a meal that dates back to the late 1800s and has been consumed for over a century. Basak Inegol Kofte Seasoning  is all you need to cook this delectable dish at home.

Inegol Kofte


Cevapi is a skinless beef kebab made with spices and minced beef. It began in the Balkans under the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The likeness of cevapi to a Turkish kofta kebab, a mixed-meat sausage fashioned onto skewers for easier cooking, demonstrates the Turkish influence.


Adana Kebab

Hailing from the South-Eastern Turkish province of the same name, Adana kebab is a spicy kebab made from ground mince formed over a wide skewer and grilled over charcoals.

Adana Kebab

Check out the video of Turkish food street style

Now that you've learned about the various sorts of kebabs, it's time to place your order from Turkishmart, where these various types of kebabs taste the greatest!

What is your favorite Turkish Kebab? We would love to hear from you! Please comment below and get in touch with us :)


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