Kokorec Toronto

  • Feb 20, 2024
  • Kokorec Toronto 

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  • Kokorec, made by Chef Ulaman in Toronto
  • Chef Ulaman used to have a Kokorec restaurant on Danforth street before Covid
  • He comes to our store to serve Turkish Street Food every weekend, both Sunday and Saturday and also serves his own doner, chicken or beef, his doner is not woven with fat tissue
  • Turkish style, frozen package- 450 to 500 gr available in our store
  • To order you can use this link
  • The frozen kokorec will thaw by the time it arrives you, that does not mean the product was compromised, you can freeze it again but ideally, you should eat within a day or two. We use overnight shipping, arrives at Purolator speed for out of Greater Toronto Area.
  • But in GTA we deliver ourselves
  • Serving instructions: Warm it up and sprinkle cumin, oregano, and hot red scaled peppers
  • Kokoretsi

  • Chef Ulaman's recipe uses lamb intestines wrapped around sweetbreads and roasted over a charcoal or wood fire. ... It is a more elegant and fine dining version of kokorec, and as a result is is a lot more tasty of course.
  • Türk market Toronto

  • Try it during the weekend from our chef's hands directly with fresh bread
  • You will not be able to forget the experience of this fluffy meat in your mouth
  • It is halal of course, all Turkish food is halal
  • Most Unique Street Food in Turkey
  • Türk marketi

  • food store

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