• Jun 15, 2022


Mahleb is a Turkish spice made from a wild sour cherry that is used in Middle Eastern cooking such as breads, cookies, and biscuits. It can be found in Lebanese, and Syrian cookies. The powdered powder has a fine meal consistency, a bitter flavor, and an almond or cherry aftertaste.

It is most commonly used in sweets and to flavor Easter buns. Mahlab is a perfect addition to a variety of delicacies, including cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, cream, muffins, cheese, fruit salad, and chocolate preparations.

Health benefits of Mahleb:

  • Eating Mahleb helps to improve the function and health of the heart. It significantly increases blood circulation, rejuvenating the heart, regulating its pulses, and reducing heart palpitations.
  • It relieves and cures stomach ulcer pain, as well as digestive diseases, particularly stomach pain.
  • Helps to prevent hair loss and breakage, as well as softening and revitalizing hair.

Turkish Bakery

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