Original Basterma

  • Jun 14, 2022

Original Basterma

In Egypt, Original Basterma is a well-known and pricey cured dried meat. It is very widely recognized throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. It recently discovered that it is also popular in Armenia, Russia, and Turkey. It's delicious and spicy.

Some claim it originated in the Middle East, while others claim it is Turkish. So there is no definitive answer to this question, but we can guarantee you that it is tasty and delicious! Get your Original Basterma at our Turkish restaurant Mississauga.

Pastirma is typically eaten as a Turkish breakfast, fried with eggs, as a topping over Turkish flatbread, or diced and added to white bean stew.


Halal Meat

This Pastirma is a halal food, and our Turkish halal market closely follows the Quran's rules on what is allowed in Islam. It also entails adhering to all halal business guidelines. Beside Pastirma, best Turkish meat options to prepare authentic Turkish food recipes are Sujuk, Lahmajun, chevapi, and Adana KebabPlease click here to see the rest of our Halal meat selection.

Halal Meat


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