Pastirma at Middle Eastern Grocery Store Toronto

  • Dec 27, 2022

Pastirma at Middle Eastern Grocery Store Toronto

These cured beef stripes are highly popular in Turkish cuisine. A labour intensive preparation takes on average 7 to 10 days to prepare it. It is a form of halal meat you can find in Toronto at Pristine Fine Foods.

Turks prepare it with beef. Our Turkish store also carries 1kg packs in sliced form or as a whole piece. Usually we sell them in 200gr packages in sliced form.

Original Basterma

For the best experience pastirma needs to be sliced very thin. The outer crust of this halal meat is prepared with a unique Turkish spice mix. It contains cemen (ground coriander), cumin, red pepper and black pepper. This spice mix is also consumed as a spread after mixing it with tomato or pepper paste (salça).

It tends to be a bit salty. That is because the process of curing the meat requires salting the meat. Later it is kept under weight for at least a week so it can release its juice.


Is Pastirma the same as pastrami? Pastrami is smoked and steamed. pastirma is not exposed to heat.

It is also knows as basturma and original bastrema in halal meat culture.

It tastes like bresaola but a flavoured version of it.

For the best quality fillet, shank, leg and shoulder cuts are used to prepare this halal meat.

Halal meat near me

How to eat it? Often grilled and eaten with sourdough bread to bring the best taste out of it. Some add it to their fried eggs like bacon.

Some slightly turn it over in butter in slow heat and dip their breads into its juice. Some eat it as it is along with sliced tomato in Turkish breakfast. Some add it to their bean stew to add more taste to the dish.

When you are searching for halal meat near me remember Pristine Fine Foods in Toronto. Our very large Turkish grocery selection will turn into a fun discovery experience for you. Pistachio Turkish delight is a best seller for example. It is also known as rahat lokum amongst the halal grocery shoppers.

Halal grocery store near me

Have you ever tasted Turkish oreos, we have them. It is a form of halal cookies.

Uludag gazoz is a famous Turkish pop with special flavour. Tahin is how Turks call tahini. We have tahin even mixed with grape molasses.

We carry halal smoked meat. They are usually in chunks, not sliced.


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