• Jun 03, 2022


Pogaca is usually cooked daily, these cheese pastries will not disappoint you with their wonderful taste.It is one of the most practical pastries of Turkish culture, is here in its most delicious form. It's the right time to order with its hand-rolled dough, quality cheese and double opportunity price.

Just like simit, one of the most consumed pastries for breakfast is pogaca. It is prepared with potatoes, plain, cheese, minced meat and many more. However, the most common and loved type is the one with cheese.

Turkish Tea

Whether for a quick breakfast before work or to accompany TurkishTea

It blends particularly well with Turkish olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and other breakfast foods. They also make a great pair with tea. Get your Turkish food from our Middle eastern grocery store and utilize our best Turkish delivery services.

Turkish Tea

Gourmet Grocery Store 

You will love these sugar-free pogaca, which is usually prepared fresh daily at our Pristine Fine Foods. It will be one of the best options for breakfasts or getaways during the day.

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