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Reis, a dry food company founded in 1981, provides its customers with a 100 percent native seed brand. Reis products, which have been certified for compliance with national and international quality standards, are exported to 22 countries on four continents, including Canada. Check out our entire Reis at our Turkish grocery store Toronto.

Reis produces various products such as bulgur, rice, and pulses. Click Here to see the entire collection.

Bulgur for Sale

Bulgurs are made from durum wheat and produced in the Southeastern Anatolia region, particularly in Sanli Urfa, and have a distinct flavor and aroma. Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin B, and Manganese are all important nutrients found in them. Check out our entire Bulgur at our Turkish Shop for the best prices.

Bulgur for sale

 Rice for Sale

Reis provides consumers with high-quality, standard, good pilaf maker, and 100% native rice. It is grown in the Ipsala region. Check out our entire Rice collection at our Gourmet grocery store for the best prices.

Rice for sale

Check out the reis food commercial


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