Strained Yogurt

  • May 30, 2022

Strained Yogurt

Strained Yogurt is one of the most special auxiliary flavors of Turkish cuisine. This type of yogurt, called "Suzme" in Turkey, is extra thick and creamy than regular yogurt. It can be consumed alone, or it is usually served as an appetizer at dinner. It is also used in making appetizers such as Haydari and Cacik.

Just like kaymak and pastirma, it is of great importance for Turkish cuisine. Although its taste that suits all dishes makes it the crown of the table, it's very healthy nature makes it loved by everyone. Get your Balkan yogurt at our Turkish Shop.

Balkan Yogurt

Balkan Yogurt

Strained yogurt contains plenty of probiotics. The good bacteria you get with the probiotics in strained yogurt facilitates digestion. Since strained yogurt contains twice the protein of regular yogurt, it makes you feel full for longer. This makes it easier for you to lose weight.

Calcium in strained yogurt is important for keeping bones and muscles strong. Consumption of plenty of yogurt every day prevents osteoporosis. Get your Balkan yogurt from our Gourmet grocery store and add it your diet.

Benefits of consuming strained yogurt

Middle Eastern Grocery Store

You can safely order strained yogurt, which comes in plastic boxes of 475 grams, from You can use this delicious food alongside main dishes or to make other appetizers.

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