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Tahin (or Tahini), one of the most special inventions of Turkish cuisine, can be consumed in different ways. If you like to discover new tastes and love dessert, you will love tahini. Tahini is a form of sesame that has been crushed and subjected to various processes to become a liquid-like dessert.

Tahini is consumed in breakfast, bakery products, as well as mixed with honey or molasses and consumed as a dessert with high nutritional value. It is also used in the preparation of hummus. Get your Turkish Tahini at our Turkish grocery store Toronto.

Turkish Sweets 

Many desserts can be made using tahini. Since there are hundreds of recipes that you can make at home, we cannot explain them here. However, you can order tahini desserts with the confidence of  our middle eastern grocery store, Turkishmart.ca. 

If you prefer a pastry called “Tahinli Corek”, which is usually freshly baked, you can click here and order it from our Turkish Bakery


Tahini Pastry

 Please click here to know about the benefits of Tahini

Middle Eastern Grocery Store 

If you are looking for a dessert that you will enjoy in your breakfast, you can order tahini ready to be spread on the bread. Once you eat the historical Koska tahini, you will not be able to give up. We bring it to your door with fast and safe shipping.

Apart from this product, you can also view Turkish sweets such as Turkish Baklava or Kunafa Toronto and more.

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