The Best Nearest Convenience Store in Toronto

  • Dec 16, 2022

The Best Nearest Convenience Store in Toronto

If you are looking for your nearest convenience store with best grocery, food and drinks then is the best place for you. If you are looking for something Turkish then bingo! They carry halal grocery, Turkish food, Turkish coffee, Turkish Tea and desserts. Click here to check out the entire selection of food & grocery.

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And if you are feeling like going into a beautiful Turkish and Italian destination store, visit Pristine Fine Foods. They have best products, prices are reasonable and the location is great. They have warm Turkish food, great aisles filled with delicious Turkish grocery, mouthwatering halal desserts especially Baklava.

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Must Try Turkish Food Items

Toronto walk-in store Pristine Fine Foods also features an in-house Turkish bakery.  On weekends, they have a chef that hosts exclusive recipe Turkish food events. Here is the list of must try Turkish food items:

  • Sujuk -  It is a popular spicy Turkish sausage made with ground meat and unique spices including cumin, fenugreek, garlic,sumac and red pepper.
  • Halal Soup - They hot and delicious halal soups in the walk-in store. 
  • Turkish delight - 
  • Very rich, sweet, and delightful. One piece of Turkish delight  is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Turkish Coffee - Turkish coffee with mastic, dark roasted Turkish coffee, with extra cream, with mint, Albanian Turkish coffee, Serbian Turkish coffee, Macedonian Turkish coffee, Pistachio coffee, Assyrian Turkish coffee, dibek coffee, mini packages, Instant Turkish coffee.
  • Even though it is not a food item, their Gift Baskets are a must try!

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Supermarket Near Me

Turkishmart is Canada's leading Turkish food importer and wholesaler. They have 50-year experience, they provide the best halal food choices, the best rates, and the freshest items.Their Turkish coffee is usually on sale, so stop by for a free cup or a beautiful glass of Turkish tea.

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