The Best Turkish Grocery Store Toronto

  • Dec 21, 2022

The Best Turkish Grocery Store Toronto

Pristine Fine Foods, this store is amazing! They have everything in stock and their prices are the best in the city. The bright side is that they're open on Sundays and also their store is very cozy with well stocked aisles.

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It can be on most of the Sundays, as they have Turkish street food events going on. Check website to see every weekend events. The owners are very friendly as they offer Turkish Tea, Turkish coffee and other snacks for free. If you go along with your children bingo they'll give them balloons to play which will make your shopping more easier with kids.  Not just that, trust me their prices are really really good!!!

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Here are some of the top Turkish food Items that you must try or order online from their Turkish Grocery Store Toronto.


Pastirma is traditionally made with cured beef. The quality of the Turkish dish is so good and the best part is it is halal. Order halal meat online from Turkish shop and Thank me later!




Turkish breakfast is almost unthinkable without kaymak. It is the classic snack for Turkish children. Don't forget to drizzle a little honey on your kaymak spread. If you are wondering how to look for kaymak vs clotted cream, both terms work fine.


clotted cream toronto


Pristine Fine Foods, is where you can get it along many other halal food items. Sujuk the Turkish sausage is one best examples for this. Apart from Sujuk, their Middle Eastern restaurant have all the dishes your heart desires, but often offer much more than that. 

Sucuk with egg

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The pristine fine foods is a genuine gold mine of Turkish food. It's a fantastic place with great prices, fresh baked goods, flavorful and sweet pantry items, and a super friendly staff. A must stop if your ever in the area and looking for Turkish Grocery Store Toronto!

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