Tips To Decorate Your Dinner Table This Eid with Halal Food

  • Oct 14, 2022

Tips To Decorate Your Dinner Table This Eid with Halal Food

Serving good food is not complete without matching garnishing and table deck up. Over the last few years, the number of Muslims coming to settle in Canada has increased substantially. Many Muslims now have almost a community set up in some areas.

They celebrate their holy festivals like Eid and Ramadan together and spend the evening sharing food and laughter with each other. The vibe of these celebrations becomes warmer when they decorate their home and furniture with intricate and fine adornments.

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Dinner tables remain integral to all parties as they offer the most important part of the celebration to the guests – lip-smacking food. The look and feel of the decorations set the mood of the house festive.

You can pick the best quality Halal food from a nearby Halal mart to make your Eid party memorable and mouth watering for your guests. 

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Here are a few tips to decorate the dinner table for your friends and relatives this Eid. 

  1. Start with the tablecloth you choose for the Eid celebrations. If you have a fairly good tablecloth to spread on the table, use it. Otherwise, you can shop for a new one matching your wall colors or the curtains to accentuate the overall look of the space.
  2. If you have an open-air setup in mind, the shades of soft green, brown, or floral prints will look perfect. Additionally, laced or sequined table runners can add to the overall charm of the celebrations.
  3. Serve a few refreshing Halal drinks on your dinner table to welcome your guests warmly.  Check out the following drinks you can buy to make your Eid party complete.

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Drinks Near Me

Here are some of the drink ideas:

Once your guests settle down, it is time for serving dinner. The dishes, bowls, and cutlery used for serving the dishes add to the party’s glamour.

You will find several serving bowls, Kutahya porselen dishes, and Amalfi ceramics at our Turkish shop.  Select wisely to match the theme of your Eid dinner decoration. To make your dinner menu varied and tempting, you can choose some of the best quality halal food.

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Halal Meat

Here are some of the food ideas:

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Halal Dessert

How can Eid dinner be over or complete without a careful selection of desserts? If you are looking for good quality halal desserts in Toronto, order online from our Turkish bakery Toronto. Please click here to check the entire selection of Turkish desserts.

If you are not hosting a dinner party and a friendly evening get-together is all you want, serve tasty halal snacks to your guests. Crunchy and delicious snacks served in style never fail to set the festive mood right.

Having a plate of cheese crackers and sitting surrounded by your friends make the festive evenings worthwhile.  Check out the best halal snack list to choose some.

halal dessert

Halal Snacks

halal snacks

Gourmet Grocery Store

Pristine Fine Foods is one platform in Canada where you will find all types of authentic Halal food items under one roof. Check the exhaustive collection of Halal drinks, meat, desserts, and more at to place your order online.

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