Turkish Delight Canada's Most Fresh

  • Jul 02, 2022

Turkish Delight Canada's Most Fresh

Please click HERE to see the largest Turkish Delight selection in Canada

Our store is the only store where you can find the most fresh products in Canada. All those big stores buy their products from us.

We have ben the largest importer and distributor in Canada for many decades now.

turkish delight mississauga

Our Toronto grocery store Pristine Fine Foods is 5 minutes to downtown Toronto. It is at Kipling exit.

Canada's largest selection lives in our store. Our collection includes chocolate covered products, as well as mastic flavoured and lavender flavoured products.

turkish delight etobicoke

There is free Turkish coffee and free Turkish tea in our store. Our coffee bar has always Turkish delight tasters.

Please store in room temperature, this product does not like the fridge and it looses its texture once placed in cold.

turkish delight toronto

Pistachio Turkish delight and Pomegranate Turkish delight are best sellers. Please ask to taste one when you are visiting us. Our products authentic Turkish. each cube is covered with powdered sugar.

turkish delight canada

Turkish delight is traditional consumed along with Turkish coffee. It is the main choice for Turkish coffee ceremony. The movie Chronicles of Narnia featured this product as a child's most desired food. The rose flavoured items contain rose water.


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