Turkish Food

  • May 25, 2022


Delicious food can be found in the beautiful Turkish country, which is rich and diverse in both traditions and culture. Turkish cuisine includes healthy Mediterranean cuisine based on olive oil, Turkish sweets such as Turkish delight, baklava, Kunafa and subtle aromatic Turkish spice blend.

Traditional Turkish foods rely on delectable fresh ingredients and are prepared with care, dedication, and passion at Pristine Fine Foods.

Here are some of the best Turkish foods to try.

Turkish Kebab

Inegol Kebab Meatballs is a dish that started to be made at the end of the 1800s and has been consumed for over 100 years. Basak Inegol Kofte Seasoning is the only seasoning you need to make this delicious dish at home.

Inegol Kofte

We bring you the spice you need to enjoy this wonderful grilled meatball from Turkey at home. You can buy Basak Inegol Kofte Seasoning at our Turkish grocery store Toronto with fast and secure order. Especially if you have an area where you can grill, you should definitely try this.

Su Boregi

Su Boregi

One of the most special pastries of Ottoman cuisine, with its 200-year history, is Su Boregi. Thanks to the taste that befits sultans, it manages to rise to the top among the pastries made with phyllo dough. Although it is difficult and takes a long time to make, you can now order freshly made Su Boregi from Turkishmart.ca.

Turkish Pastry

Just like simit, one of the most consumed pastries for breakfast is pogaca. It is prepared with potatoes, plain, cheese, minced meat and many more. However, the most common and loved type is the one with cheese. 

You will love these sugar-free pogaca, which is usually prepared fresh daily. It will be one of the best options for breakfasts or getaways during the day.


Get your Pogaca at our Turkish Bakery and have a delightful Turkish food experience.

Turkish Food Mart

Our Gourmet grocery store is the best destination for Turkish grocery flyers, discount coupons, grocery delivery Toronto and more. You can visit our physical store Pristine Fine Foods and try our complimentary Turkish Tea.

Turkish food tour in Istanbul

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