Turkish Market Toronto's largest selection

  • Jul 02, 2022

Turkish Market Toronto's largest selection

We have food events on the weekends. Our food is cooked by a Turkish chef. Enjoy unique recipes you cannot find in any restaurant in Toronto

Visit our store Pristine Fine Foods at Kipling exit. Access the largest Turkish food selection in Canada. Have a cup of free Turkish coffee or Turkish tea. Feel like walking the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Grand Bazaar is 1500 year old.

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Enjoy nibbling on our food samples while walking around our aisles. You will get excited like a child about your discoveries. Because being in our store will make you remember moments from your home land.

Knafeh, kibbeh, lahmajoun and sujuk always available. Simit Turkish sesame bagel often fresh. Our Turkish bakery has fresh Turkish desserts every day. There is always Sale campaigns.

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Our selection extends from Middle Eastern restaurant  to stunning Turkish ceramics collection. Our Turkish Coffee selection is the largest in Canada. We have 15 different kind of Turkish coffee. Our Turkish delight selection is the most fresh in Canada. Because we import and distribute the largest volume in Canada.

Our halal cookie selection will pleasantly surprise you. Ulker chocolate is re regular in our store. Vegan bulgur appetizer Cig kofte is a star. Are you a beginner exploring Turkish food? Please let us know.

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