Turkish Sweets

  • May 25, 2022

Turkish Sweets

Turkish sweets are here to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth. Turkey has a talent for creating irresistible sweet dishes! These popular Turkish desserts are sweet, unique, and so delicious!

There are various desserts from Turkey that are worth trying. You're in luck if you're thinking about ordering them home.

Check our the Turkish desserts available at our Turkish grocery store Toronto. Trust me, your taste buds deserve these uniquely sweet treats.

Turkish Baklava

The world class Turkish Baklava is right here in Toronto at our Gourmet grocery store. Baklava that has been properly prepared is sweet and moist, oozing with sugary syrup. Click here to see our Turkish Baklava collection at our Turkish Shop

Turkish Baklava


Tahini helva is the most popular variation of this dessert, which is made by combining sugar and tahini. The addition of nuts, dried fruits, and cocoa powder to the dish adds flavor and texture. Because of the generous amount of tahini, this dessert is both energy-boosting and vitamin-rich! Click on the link to see our Turkish Helva collection at our Turkish Market



The legend says at the end of the days on the water Noah and his family ran out of food his wife asked what to cook and Noah said dump everything together and boil. This dessert is made of boiled wheat, rice, chickpeas, beans, dried apricot or fig, and sugar. It is freshly made at our Turkish Bakery Toronto. Click here to get delicious  Turkish Ashura at our Turkish supermarket.

Noahs Pudding

Middle Eastern Grocery Store

Apart from these Turkish desserts, you can also view Turkish sweets such as Lokum(Turkish delight) , Kunafa Toronto, Lokma, and more. Visit  our page.to buy more Turkish food products.

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You can visit our physical store Pristine Fine Foods and try our complimentary Turkish Coffee

What is your favorite Turkish sweet? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)



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