Ulker Cikolatali Gofret

  • Jun 03, 2022

Ulker Cikolatali Gofret

"Is there anyone who doesn't like Ulker Chocolate Wafer?"

 This slogan belongs to one of Turkey's most legendary wafers. Ulker, one of the most established brands in the country, continues to produce delicious products for many decades. One of them is Ulker Cikolatali Gofret in its special red packaging.

Apart from the classic milk chocolate version, you can also order white chocolate version

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This is one of the most popular products of the brand, which brings together tastes like Probis Ulker and biskrem. If you are looking for a delicious snack that you can eat during the day and you want to buy it from Turkish Grocery Toronto, this product is for you.


Biskrem is a source of happiness for its lovers with its crispy wafer leaves, unique cream and delicious chocolate coating. You can have it as a dessert with tea or as a quick snack at school, work and out.

Eat Ulker chocolate and be happy as a child

Turkish Bakery

Just like hundreds of other products, you can safely order this delicious snack from our site. We continue to deliver the most special flavors of Turkey to you with fast and safe cargo.

 Apart from this product, you can also view products such as Olive oil Toronto, green olive, and Turkish delight.

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