• May 30, 2022


Legendary Uludag Gazoz, one of Turkey's oldest and most popular sodas, preserves its first day taste. It owes this to its special formula, which has been kept secret since 1932. This soda drink, which is enjoyed by millions of people with its history approaching 100 years, gets its flavor from two natural sources.

 The delicious Legendary Uludag Gazoz is produced from Uludag (a famous mountain in Bursa, Turkey) water and granulated sugar derived from sugar beet. Get your Turkish pop at our Turkish grocery store Toronto.

Uludag Gazoz

Such a delicious drink should be accompanied by the most special flavors of Turkish cuisine. Although the unique taste of soda suits all dishes, we will have a few suggestions specifically.

 It goes very well with lahmacun, which becomes crispy when heated in the oven. Or, it perfectly accompanies the spice of Turkish meatballs that you will prepare with your own hands.

Refreshing Uludag gazoz commercial

Turkish Supermarket

Enjoy Legendary Uludag Gazoz, which we will deliver in a very short time thanks to fast and safe shipping of our Turkish supermarket. You will love the pleasure of the soda that has cooled down well in the refrigerator. You can order the six pack from here without searching for Uludag Gazoz Soft Drink.

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