Where to Buy Barbican Pomegranate Drink in Toronto

  • Jul 26, 2022

Where to Buy Barbican Pomegranate Drink in Toronto

Infused with pomegranate, this delicious beverage provides a bold fruit aroma and a clean, crisp finish. Barbican Malt Beverage is a smooth and refined drink in a Pomegranate flavor. Pack of 6 Glass Bottles ( 330ML Each ) Produced and bottled in the United Arab Emirates.

Order refreshing Barbican drink online at our Arabic grocery store Mississauga.

Turkishmart Barbican Pomegranate Drink

Barbican Drink Flavors

Dive into a spot of lemon goodness with this incredibly refreshing, crisp and smooth Lemon Barbican beverage that’s sure to hit the spot. With its magnificent aroma and sparkling clean Malt taste, refresh yourself in style with this thoroughly drinkable addition to the Barbican family. Get your Barbican Malt from our Etobicoke Market.

Turkishmart Barbican drink Canada


Barbican Drink Near Me

Barbican  is known to be the best in the industry for making superior quality, refreshing alcohol-free malt beverages. It is an industry leader in alcohol-free malt beverage brands in market share and brand strength. It now available in Canada. Order Barbican online from our Grocery store Toronto.

Barbican drink near me

Barbican Best Flavour

Some of the best flavors among all the barbican drinks are:

Barbican Best Flavour

Food Store

Choose our Turkishmart, for your Turkish desserts especially Lokma, Baklava, and Kunafa. Don't forget to try complimentary Turkish Coffee when you visit Pristine Fine Foods.

Turkishmart Food store

What is your favorite Barbican flavor? We would love to hear from you! Please comment below and get in touch with us :)


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