Where to Buy Elegant Yogurt in Canada

  • Jul 13, 2022

Where to Buy Elegant Yogurt in Canada

Elegant Yogurt is one of the most unique auxiliary flavors in Turkish cooking. This yogurt is more thick and creamy than conventional yogurt and is known as "Suzme" in Turkey. It can be eaten on its own or is frequently offered as an appetizer at dinner. 

Similar to Kaymak and Pastirma, it is crucial to Turkish cuisine. Although it is the star of the table due to its universally appealing flavor, everyone enjoys it because of how healthy it is. Visit our Turkish Shop for your Balkan Yogurt.

Balkan Yogurt

Balkan Yogurt

  • For a fantastic vegetable dip, combine yogurt prepared in the Balkan way with some fresh veggies.
  • Make dolma vegetarian appetizer with yogurt. Grape leaves are available at our Middle Eastern Market.
  • Add some fruits and make delicious, and creamy smoothies.
  • Make nutritious muffins and get everyone off to a healthy start.

Balkan yogurt is not only delicious but also healthy. Check out the Benefits of consuming Elegant yogurt.

Food Store

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Turkishmart Food Store

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