Where to Buy Halal Meat in Toronto

  • Oct 12, 2022
  • By Somasri Madhavarapu

Where to Buy Halal Meat in Toronto

If you have not tried halal meat, you are missing out on some of the finest and healthiest meat in the world. Halal meat has gained widespread acceptance in Canada with the immigrants bringing in their tastes and flavors. Please click here to see our entire halal meat collection.

Take a look at the exhaustive collection of Turkish meat products of Pristine Fine Foods.  They offer all varieties of Halal meat items such as Pastirma, sujuk, halal salami, chevapi and more.

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You may always get hot, delicious halal meat and halal food items online.  If you feel lost in choices, here is a brief checklist of Halal meat products you can try.


Pastirma –Cured Beef – Turkish Style, a kind of Turkish cured meat, is a delicacy with a wonderful flavor. It is rooted in "bastirma" which means "being pressed” in Turkish as pressure is a crucial step in the preparation of it. Pastirma is covered and cured in a thick spicy paste called "cemen", prepared with cumin, fenugreek seeds, garlic, and hot paprika.

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Lahmajoun – Halal Meat Pizza, is a very tasty, round, and thin piece of flatbread topped with spiced mincemeat. It is also known as Turkish pizza or Turkish flatbread. The word "lahmacun" means "meat with dough".



Sucuk Mild – Turkish Style Sausages for BreakfastIt is one of the most common items in Turkish cuisine, especially for breakfast. Sucuk (or soudjouk, sujuk) is a popular spicy Turkish sausage made with ground meat and unique spices including cumin, fenugreek, garlic, sumac and red pepper.


Here is a brief checklist of Halal meat products you can try.

Please click here to see our entire halal meat collection.

To sum up, you must try these halal meat items to treat your tastebuds with some of the most tantalizing food items in the world. Along with meat, you can treat yourself to a wide variety of Turkish desserts, halal soup and other food items from authentic brands in Turkey and the Middle East.

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Don't forget to stop by at Turkish grocery store, Pristine Fine Foods if you are looking for the best supermarket near me, halal grocery, halal desserts and halal cheese. 

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