Where to Buy Kajmak Near Me in Toronto

  • Sep 05, 2022

Where to Buy Kajmak Near Me in Toronto

A creamy dairy product, similar to clotted cream, made in the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, and India. If you’re looking for some new ideas for a healthy nutritious Turkish breakfast, keep reading. In this blog, we share the traditional Turkish breakfast dishes.

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Kaymak actually originates from the Central Asia but it became very popular during the Ottoman Empire when it spread as far as the Balkans where it’s a very popular dish even today. We’ll show you exactly how to order kaymak from the comfort of your home, so you can stop searching for Kajmak near me but let’s start from the beginning!

Turkishmart Kajmak near me

Clotted Cream Canada

Kaymak is a creamy dairy product with a thick texture and a rich taste. The main ingredient for preparing kaymak is milk and the traditional method of preparing is boiling the milk and letting it simmer for a couple of hours at low heat. It’s a dairy-based dish but it contains around 60% of milk fat which means that it can be a great heavy breakfast that will keep you full for a long period of time.

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Turkish Breakfast Toronto

You’ll find kaymak being served slightly differently in different countries but since this is a Balkan kaymak, It is usually served with bread like Pogaca, Sujuk, Lahmacun and a cup of Turkish tea.

clotted cream Toronto

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What is your favorite Turkish food? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)

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