Where to Buy Rebul Turkish Cologne in Canada

  • Jul 24, 2022

Where to Buy Rebul Turkish Cologne in Canada

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Cologne was originally used for medicinal purposes, and is still used for this in Turkey today. Drops of cologne are used for its antiseptic properties, and for massage as relief for muscle and joint pains. Due to its refreshing property, caused by its alcohol content, Kolonya or cologne is offered to guests and used as a fragrance. Rebul Kolonya comes in many different fragrances, including lime, lemon, orange, lilac, lily, lavender, mandarin, and even hazelnut

Whether the common lemon and rose cologne or these more exotically scented varieties, cologne has played a part in the polite formalities of Turkish social life, refreshing guests, travelers and the sick, for more than a century.

Turkishmart Rebul

Here are the some of the top Kolonya:

Aqua Cologne

Wood fragrance, faceted with a pulsating cooling accord. Get your Aqua cologne from our Etobicoke Market.

Aqua Cologne

Lavender Cologne

Lavender flower picked from the southern region of France with all its glorious smell and unique quality. Get your Lavender cologne from our Turkish Store Mississauga.

Lavender Cologne

Eau de cologne

Fresh flowers used in the Rebul Eau de Cologne Series are meticulously picked from the first day on, and the extracts are left to ripen in alcohol. Rebul brand eau de cologne Kolonya is now available in many fragrances such as dark spice, bouquet, Mandarine, and ice.

eau de cologne

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