Where to Find the Best Halal Mart in Toronto

  • Sep 25, 2022

Where to Find the Best Halal Mart in Toronto

High-quality Halal food, Halal meat, and Halal grocery are our  Halal Mart's specialty at the most reasonable rates. We have been supplying more than 4000 different sorts of specialty foods across Canada for more than 45 years.

Turkish Food Near Me

Halal Breakfast is the crucial part of the day, order the healthy and delicious halal Turkish breakfast such as Pogaca, Simit, sunny side eggs with Sujuk, Feta cheese, Turkish coffee and more.

Here is the list of halal products you can explore in our Turkish Market:

Halal Cheese

Halal cheese is a cheese that has been created using ingredients that are in accordance with the Islamic laws pertaining to food. You name it and we have them all! Halloumi cheese, Feta cheese, Macedonian feta cheese, Labneh and more. Please click Here to check our entire collection of Turkish cheese. Please check the description to check if particular product is halal or not.

halal cheese in canada

Halal Meal

For you and your family to enjoy, our unique team of highly skilled staff that specialize in Middle Eastern cuisines will prepare the best-tasting halal meal. Homestyle cooking processes and fresh, halal ingredients are used by our chefs.



Halal Jam

Turkish jams are super yummy to eat, and absolutely delicious. The best of them all? In my opinion, all the jams steal the show equally. Halal Jams are a perfect addition to the morning Turkish breakfast or as a delightful sweet treat to serve to guest alongside Turkish Tea. Please click here to see our Jam collection at our Toronto Market Shop.

Turkishmart halal jam

Halal Desserts

Delicious Halal Turkish desserts, Puddings, traditional sweets and the list goes on and on. Savor every bite of Turkish taste at our Turkish restaurant Mississauga. Please click here to check the entire selection of Turkish desserts.

  Halal sweets near me

Gourmet Grocery Store

Along with these products, we also carry, beverages like Turkish coffee, Caykur Tea, and Barbican drink, and Turkish food. We know you are looking for the best grocery store near me, Turkishmart.ca and browse Turkish products online.

gourmet grocery store

What is your favorite halal product ? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)

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