Where to Find the Cheese Store Etobicoke

  • Aug 25, 2022

Where to Find the Cheese Store Etobicoke

Pristine Fine Foods is the most iconic cheese locations and hidden gems for a deep and memorable adventure in seeking out one the world’s greatest, and most beloved foods. Cheese!

Located in Toronto, Canada, Our Cheese store has been providing the city with succulent selections of cheese, meat, catering, dessert and fresh food. Transforming something good into something great is what we believe in.

Please click to here see our entire Turkish and Italian cheese collection

turkishmart cheese store etobicoke

We offer a wide variety of gourmet foods from around the world, artisanal cheeses, dry-aged meats, rare imports and specialty items. Here is the list of top cheeses at our cheese emporium.

Feta Cheese Canada

Greek brined white cheese known as feta is produced from sheep's milk or a combination of sheep and goat's milk. It has no skin, few cuts, few or no holes, a compact feel, and softness. It is made into big blocks and aged in brine. It has a crumbly texture that is just a little gritty. Please click to here see our entire collection of feta cheese.

feta cheese canada

Turkish Labneh

Tangy, thick, and creamy, labneh (also known as labnah or labne) is basically yogurt cheese. It is spread packed with protein and probiotics. Made by straining yogurt to remove excess water and whey, labneh has a slightly tangier taste than traditional cream cheese but is just as creamy and spreadable. Please click to here see our entire collection of feta cheese.

where to buy labneh

Kashkaval Cheese

Enjoy the slightly salty, nutty, and tangy flavor profile of our Aged Kashkaval in omelets, lasagna, and pizza. Known as the “Cheddar cheese of the Balkans," Kashkaval is a pantry favorite throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Please click to here see our entire collection of Kashkaval cheese.

kashkaval cheese

Halal Cheese in Canada

Find & Order a wide variety of rare and heritage halal cheese at Turkishmart.ca. Buy Now! Browse our online store to find and order fine cheeses and  excite your taste buds. Please click to here see our entire collection of halal cheese.

halal cheese in canada

Gourmet Grocery Store

Our Turkish Market is always filled meticulously curated Turkish food products, in-house-made desserts and Turkish breakfast and, hey, maybe even a  Turkish coffee while you shop. Please visit Turkishmart.ca to check the entire collection.

gourmet grocery store

What is your favorite Cheese Store? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)

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