Where to Find Tulum Cheese Toronto

  • Jul 15, 2022

Where to Find Tulum Cheese Toronto

Turkish Cheese made from goat's milk and aged in a goatskin casing is known as "Tulum" in Turkish. With its distinctive flavor coming from the natural microflora developed in the goatskin during ripening, Tulum cheese is a vital food for healthy nutrition since it is a high source of protein, calcium, fat, and phosphorus.

The Tulum Cheese Toronto  found at our Turkish market is perfect for Turkish breakfast or on top of a slice of bread or can be used as filling for borek and other pastries.

Edirne Style Tulum Cheese

Made from goat's, cow's, or sheep's milk, and It has a creamy texture, and its flavors range from mild and slightly sweet to strong. It has a different texture and taste from the others and it is one of the most popular types of Tulum cheese in the country. Get Edirne style Tulum cheese online at our Cheese Shop.

 edirne style tulum cheese

Bergama style Tulum  cheese

The delicious Bergama Tulum cheese of Izmir differs from other regional Tulum cheese varieties in processing and characteristic. Produced in Aegean Region provinces like, it is made of raw milk heated to 60–65 °C (140–149 °F), and cooled immediately down to acidifying temperature to bring out the best taste. Get Bergama style Tulum cheese online at our Cheese Shop.

Bergama style Tulum cheese

Not just Tulum cheese, we have a wide range of cheese collection. Please Click here to see the entire cheese collection at our Cheese Shop 

Cheese Shop

Each and every one of our guests will be satisfied by the wide variety of cheeses and meats on our  party platters. Serve with Turkish bakery breads like Simit and irresistible cheese pastries. Include your favorite Turkish coffee  as well, don't forget.

Halal Cheese

 Groceries Near Me

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What is your favorite Turkish cheese? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and get it in touch with us:)




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