Where to Find Turkish Coffee Pot Canada

  • Jul 16, 2022

Where to Find Turkish Coffee Pot Canada

Turkish people prepare coffee in a unique style that is very different from the way you make it at home. They make coffee in a distinctive coffee pot called a "cezve." They like drinking coffee with their friends to discuss their issues and joys. An old Turkish proverb suggests that after drinking coffee, you need to maintain this friendship with them for at least forty years, or as long as the memory of the coffee stays. 

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How to Make Turkish Coffee

Two tea spoons of Turkish coffee grounds are added to the cezve, and then one cup of water is added. A wooden spoon is then used to stir it. The flavor and aroma of the coffee are said to be preserved by the wooden spoon. To gently cook it, they prepare a spot with heated sand or coal. They pour the coffee into specialized Turkish coffee cups once it has boiled. Check out the entire Turkish coffee accessories at our Turkish Shop.


Turkish Coffee Canada


Turkish Cafe

Nothing is possibly quite as legendary as a cup of rich, black, fragrant Turkish coffee, despite the fact that Turkey is known for its vast variety of cuisine and beverages. Turkish coffee is so established in Turkish culture that in 2013, UNESCO put it to their list of unique heritage treasures. 

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