Adana Spice mix | Seasoning | Adana Kofte | 65g

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  • Adana Spice mix | Seasoning | Adana Kofte | 65g

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  • Instructions 
    • In a mixing bowl, knead the ground meat and the contents of the Basak mix. Allow 10 minutes for the mixture to cool before dividing it into 15-20 portions.
    • Using dampened hands, roll meat parts lengthwise onto pre-oiled dishes. Roll the meat over the grill frequently to roast the meats. 
    • No need to add salt or spices
  • Turkish spices

  • Seasoning intensifies the natural flavor of the food Adana Kebab.
  • The product contains sweet and hot Red pepper, Isot pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and parsley
  • Food Store

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  • Product of Turkey 
  • Click here to watch the Turkish Adana Kebab recipe


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