Kaymak | Turkish clotted cream | 230grs

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  • Kaymak | Turkish clotted cream | 230grs

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  • Halal
  • Thick, creamy, and almost buttery dairy product.
  • Use with your desserts on spread on your bread
  • Kaymak Toronto

  • Kaymak with honey is one of the most desired items in a great classic Turkish breakfast. This sumptuous spread is also served with Turkish desserts such as kunefe, revani, and kadayif.
  • Clotted cream Toronto

  • Sold frozen. Usually within 24 hours delivery in Toronto,Etobicoke and Mississauga. Please check our shipping section for delivery schedule for the remaining areas in GTA
  •   Ships to the outside of Toronto only during cold seasons.
  • Turkish market

  • It is one of the most special products of Turkish cuisine. The production of the traditional “version is very delicate. Milk is boiled and then continued boiling it for two hours over very low heat. After sitting for a while cream forms at the surface to be removed and left to cool and settle. This is how it reaches a dense, creamy consistency and rich taste.
  • Kaymak Toronto

  • Its place in Turkish cuisine is beyond being a breakfast dessert. It is served with almost all desserts, especially knafeh (kunefe)baklava, and revani. 
  • You may want to make one of these desserts or include this flavor for breakfast. You don't need to search for Clotted Cream Toronto for this. 
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  • We bring you this leading flavor of Turkey. We deliver our pre-prepared and frozen product to GTA on the same day. Ships to the outside of Toronto only during cold seasons. Thanks to safe and fast shipping, your breakfast will be better.
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