Fresh Fruit & Vegetable

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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable
Turkish Mart

Fresh green plum from Turke...

Fresh green plum from Turkey (Taze Erik) 500G 500g packages Kalamis urunu Available for a short time only during spring every year

Dates | Tadim | Hurma| Turk...

Dates | Tadim | Hurma| Turkish sweets | 163gr Halal Turkish market Produced in Turkey
Turkish Mart

Orsini | Caperberries | 210ml

Orsini | Caperberries | 210ml Product of Turkey
Turkish Mart

Antipasto | Party Tray | 4 ...

Antipasto Tray Our physical store is half Turkish half Italian, for this tray we use Italian gourmet. We are located in Etobicoke/Toronto. For any question, you can contact us. We are here to serve you.