Acma (Cheese pastry)- pack of 2

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  • Acma (Cheese pastry)- pack of 2

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  • Turkish-style baked pastry, pack of 2
  • Not sweet
  • Heat in a convectional oven until it is crispy outside and fluffy inside and it will make perfect Turkish breakfast food for you along with your fresh brewed Turkish tea
  • Frozen packs shipped out of town, Fresh items only delivered in GTA
  • Turkish Bakery Toronto

  • Usually daily baked fresh
  • Heat it in a traditional oven instead of a microwave
  • Priced per two
  • Enjoy the delicious traditional taste of Acma, a Turkish cheese pastry. Pack of 2, perfect for sharing. Rich cheese flavor and a crispy pastry crust make it a great snack or appetizer. Enjoy the authentic taste of Acma today!

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