Ajvar Toronto Hot | Vipro Roasted Red Pepper Spread | 720ml

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  • Ajvar Toronto Hot| Vipro Roasted Red Pepper Spread  | 720ml

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  • Vipro Roasted Red Pepper Spread Hot 720ml
  • Hot Ajvar
  • Domestic Macedonian Recipe
  • Ajvar is made out of roasted sweet bell peppers and eggplant.
  • Vipro Hot Ajvar 550g
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  • Glass jar
  • With large chunks of pepper
  • Ajvar can taste mild and fruity or sharp and spicy. It might get a dose of chopped tomatoes or roast eggplant or even curds of farmer cheese. Though it's made with oil, it's mostly vegetable by mass, as healthy as a condiment could hope to be. But it's also brilliant with meaty kebabs.
  • How to eat ajvar
  • Product of Macedonia


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