Baklava Toronto | Mussels shape | Pistachio | 350g

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  • Baklava Toronto | Mussels shape | Pistachio | 350g

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  • Midye baklava means Mussel;s shape baklava in English
  • For a better experience, enjoy Baklava with Turkish Ice cream
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  • Roughly 325g stop looking for Turkish baklava near me, it's right here for you
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  • Though some evidence suggests baklava originated in Ancient times, then evolved in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, there are still scholars that believe baklava is a product of Persia. The earliest written record of Persian baklava appears in a 13th-century cookbook that was based on 9th-century Persian recipes
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  • In Greece, baklava is supposed to be made with 33 dough layers, referring to the years of Christ's life.


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